Ketchup Fried Chicken


A staple at birthday parties and Filipino kitchens, almost everyone grew up knowing the unique taste of Filipino fried chicken. While far from the golden brown battered and deep fried chicken that we often find in fast food restaurants, the Filipino fried chicken we know is still incredibly tasty. Its flavorful marinade has every bite bursting with the perfect combination of savory tastes. With a beautiful brown appearance and tender meat, we commonly pair this kind of chicken with a combination of banana ketchup and Worcestershire sauce. These condiments, and the former especially, lends its sweet taste to the salty chicken, producing a wonderful combination of flavors. But did you know there’s a way to incorporate this combo within the cooking process of your fried chicken already? This ketchup fried chicken does all that –– and more!

With an enticingly sweet glaze and flavorful meat, this ketchup fried chicken is definitely a favorite. You get to enjoy the classic flavors of chicken that you love, while also getting to try something new in the process. Whether you have kids or adults at the table, eaters of all ages will love this homey comfort food.

The star of this ketchup fried chicken apart from the chicken itself is, of course, the ketchup! And for this recipe we’re not just using any ketchup –– it’s banana ketchup! With its bright red appearance and viscous texture, ketchup is one of the most beloved condiments across the world. Its sweet tomato taste breathes vibrancy and life into even the simplest of dishes, and it’s so dynamic you can serve it with almost anything!

But banana ketchup is a Filipino native. During the wartime there was a shortage of tomatoes and a surplus of bananas; being the quick thinking and innovative Filipinos we are, we were able to produce something magical out of a difficult time. Banana ketchup appeals perfectly to Filipino sensibilities –– giving us that sweetness we love in many of our dishes. Apart from ketchup fried chicken, here are some other recipes that pair perfectly with a bottle of banana ketchup on the side:

It would be a full on mistake to make a list of dishes to pair with ketchup and not involve an omelet! This Tortang Giniling has everything we could possibly want in a complete breakfast. From the tasty, almost creamy egg to the filling ground meat to the fresh vegetables, this mix of textures and flavors in your mouth will definitely leave you feeling energized and satisfied! And with a side of banana ketchup? You have yourself the perfect combination. Don’t forget your cups of rice, too!

When you hear the sound of a light sizzle in a pan and smell that mouthwatering aroma in the air, you know something delicious is coming. Whether you’re eating out or preparing it over your own sizzling plate, this sizzling pusit manages to capture all the flavors of its yummy sauce easily. Banana ketchup is one of the main ingredients of said sauce, and it produces a harmonious blend of both sweet and savory. The best part about sizzling pusit is that you can enjoy it any time, too! Be it for a quick lunch, dinner, or as a pulutan when out with friends, it’s always a welcome treat!

Let’s make this ketchup fried chicken together! Combine all the ingredients of your dish together in a cooking pot, except the oil. This includes your chicken leg quarters, soy sauce, vinegar, bay leaves, peppercorn, garlic, lemon lime soda, and banana ketchup. Stir these ingredients together, incorporating them well, then cover the pot. As the mix boils, adjust the heat between low to medium. This will let your chicken marinate and cook, while still retaining its tender texture.

The next step is to rub a handful of salt all over your ketchup fried chicken. After letting it air dry for 30 minutes, it’s now time to fry it! Heat your cup of cooking oil in a pan, and fry your chicken on medium heat. By now, the chicken should be gaining its beautiful brown color; turn it over and do the same to the other side. With the delicious, deep-fried smell of chicken in the air, you know it’s time to enjoy it soon!

Once you’ve cooked both sides of your chicken, remove it from the pan and arrange it on a serving plate. Serve it with rice and drizzle it with the sauce you made prior –– and there you have it! Share and enjoy your Ketchup Fried Chicken with your family!

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