Filipino Fried Chicken Recipe


Fried Chicken seems to be a universal food. Each country has unique fried chicken recipes that can easily be attributed to them. Same thing goes to the Philippines; we have many Filipino Fried Chicken Recipe tailored to our preference. This recipe is one of them.

When we say Fried Chicken, the first thing that comes into mind are breaded deep fried chicken like the ones sold in KFC, Popeye’s, Jollibee, and the Chicken Mcdo. These kinds of fried chicken might represent the common definition of the term. However, there are several more varieties that go by the same name “Fried Chicken” — like this Filipino Fried Chicken Recipe for example.

I like this Filipino Fried Chicken Recipe because it is so easy to prepare. In fact, I usually prepare this when I can’t think of anything else to cook for lunch. What I usually do is pre-marinate the chicken a few days before and freeze them until needed. When it is time to cook, I thaw it by soaking the sealed bag in water or defrost it in the microwave oven, when I’m in a hurry.

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