Chopsuey with Chicken and Broccoli


The Philippines is home to an abundance of fresh vegetables that come alive in an array of dishes within our cuisine. These vegetables, vibrant and refreshing, come to life in chopsuey –– a medley of ingredients that produce the perfect meal. Hearty, filling, and altogether delicious, chopsuey is a prime example of Filipinos using our natural resources at their fullest potential. Stir frying and tossing them in a brilliant sauce only brings out the delicious and one of a kind flavor of each ingredient.

This delightful blend of veggies is one of the many contributions the Chinese have had to our cuisine. Chopsuey, as the Chinese know it, is a dish of meat, like chicken, fish, or beef, and eggs, cooked with vegetables like bean sprouts and celery in a thick sauce. While many usually enjoy chopsuey with rice, Chinese American cuisine adds noodles to the mix. This produces the Chinese American version of chow mein fast food chains like Panda Express have made so popular.

Chopsuey’s name literally translates to “assorted pieces” –– and for good reason. Since its origins in China, this dish has spread globally due to its easy instructions and accessible ingredients. Even humble carinderias or cafeterias around the Philippines serve chopsuey as a viand daily. Not only is it a delicious and filling lunch, but it’s chock full of nutrients that make eating healthy taste so good.

Chopsuey is a blend of many ingredients that come together to form a phenomenal and tasty experience. It prides itself on the many vegetables it houses; here’s a full list of the ones we’ll be using today.

Quail eggs are another popular ingredient in chopsuey. The soft texture and creamy flavor of these bite sized goodies make for a splendid addition to this harmony of ingredients.

The version of chopsuey that we’re cooking today includes the additional ingredients of chicken and broccoli. Another classic Chinese dish, chicken and broccoli come together to form a fantastic blend of textures and flavor in your mouth. And once you put it together with chopsuey, it’s definitely a dish to remember!

Meanwhile, the sauces we’re using include soy sauce and oyster sauce. A combination of cornstarch diluted in water adds to the viscosity of the dish, making it saucier and more appealing to your taste buds.

With easy ingredients to find and a very simple recipe, it’s no wonder this humble dish has become a household favorite. The key to stir frying is to cook all your ingredients on high heat as quickly as possible. Meaning, you won’t even need to spend that much time in the kitchen to produce something delicious. Let’s make some chopsuey today!

How to Cook Chopsuey with Chicken and Broccoli
To prepare all of your ingredients for chopsuey requires a lot of slicing and dicing. After slicing 4 ounces of chicken breast, slice 2 pces of carrots crosswise. You’ll need to slice your red and green bell peppers, as well as a piece of onion. Chop your cabbage and garlic, and boil your quail eggs, too.

Now that you’re ready, heat 3 tablespoons of cooking oil in a pan and sauté your onions. Once the layers separate, add your garlic pieces and continue until your onions soften even more. When ready, add your chicken breast slices, stir frying until the outer part turns brown. Pour your soy sauce and oyster sauce (2 tablespoons of each) in, then a cup of water. After stirring continuously, cover the pan and bring your chopsuey to a boil. Once boiling, add your Knorr Chicken Cube and cook on medium heat, letting your sauce reduce by half.

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